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Fiber & Wire

Phoseon’s UV LED fiber curing system offers many benefits for curing coatings on all types of fiber and wires, including optical fiber, electrical and structural wire, and threads for smart fabrics.

Solutions for Fiber & Wire


UV LED curing technology is utilized in the wood coatings industry for applications such as edge coating, roller coating and digital printing. UV LED technology drastically reduces energy consumption and significantly reduces work-piece surface temperature.

Solutions for Wood

Automotive Coating Applications


UV curing has been used for years in several areas of the automotive production process. UV provides near-instant curing of functional and decorative coatings. And the lightweight materials used in today’s automobiles benefit from the low temperatures enabled by UV LED technology.

Solutions for Automotive

Airplane Production Line


Countless manufacturing processes make use of the benefits of UV LED curing. Applications range from manual curing of the adhesives used during sub-component assembly, to high speed curing of coatings and colorings of the finished products.

Solutions for Industrial


Case Studies

Are you interested in learning more about Phoseon’s case studies and applications expertise for coatings?  Phoseon’s UV LED curing products are successfully curing applications worldwide.  Visit our case studies page to learn more.

Case Studies