The UV curing process has been in use in the printing industry for more than thirty years. LED curing technology for UV printers is replacing older technology with compelling advantages of better economics, system capabilities, and environmental benefits. UV LED curing technology is rapidly becoming the new standard for UV printing for both full cure and pinning applications.

The narrow UV-A output provides the highest curing efficiency while also providing a cooler, safer, and more stable output, allowing end users to print on a wider variety of materials with increased yield and reduced operating costs. Phoseon’s broad product portfolio includes solutions for all printing applications from small and wide format digital printers, digital and flexographic label printers, screen printers, 3D printing, and others.

Most ink manufacturers include a UV LED option today, making integration and use of LED even easier. As these manufacturers continue to develop formulations to optimize both UV LED curing and specific applications, printers can expand the applications they offer to their customers. Click here to learn what one ink manufacturer is doing to further print innovations using UV LED curing.

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is a process of using a flexible plate to transfer the image to the media; typically used to create labels and packaging material. UV LED curing technology for flexographic printing provides faster throughput with higher yield through tighter process control. The low heat output allows the use of thinner and more heat-sensitive materials while also eliminating the need for chill rollers.

Solutions for Flexo

UV Printing Applications

Digital Inkjet Printing

UV LED pinning technology used between inkjet heads provides just the right amount of UV energy to control dot gain and achieve a variety of printing effects at increased speeds. UV LED can also be used for full cure of digital inks in bi-directional, single pass, and 3D printers to create products such as posters, labels, signage, packaging, and 3D objects.

Solutions for Digital Inkjet

UV LED Curing for Screen Printing

Screen Printing

The combination of low heat and high energy makes UV LED a good fit for screen printing, which allows a wider variety of materials to be used including plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, wood, posters and other items. UV LED for screen printing is most commonly used for direct bottle and tube decoration, which eliminates the need for a label.

Solutions for Screen Printing


Case Studies

Are you interested in learning more about Phoseon’s case studies and applications expertise for printing?  Phoseon’s UV LED curing products are successfully curing inks in many demanding applications worldwide.  Visit our case studies page to learn more.

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