GM Graphix goes UV LED with third MPS press

South Africa’s first flexo press to use UV LED curing has been ordered by GM Graphix, the company’s third MPS […] more »

October 28, 2015

UV LED : From UV lamp replacement to new applications

UV LED applications have entered a strong growth period, with multiple companies that are shifting now from old and expensive […] more »

June 24, 2015

Market Adoption of UV LED Curing Technology

UV LED curing refers to the unique way in which adhesives, coatings and inks are dried using “energy” from UV […] more »

April 15, 2015

UV LED…what’s it all about?

First let’s get the acronyms sorted! UV is simple – most will know that it’s short for ultraviolet. But LED […] more »

April 1, 2015

Emitting Light: UV LED Curing

As reported in the last issue, there are major initiatives taking place with suppliers working together to further the understanding […] more »

March 13, 2015

Curing the LED Way

The topic of UV curing these days tends to focus on UV LEDs, with the main manufacturers of curing systems […] more »

February 2, 2014