UV-LED-Technologie verbessert den Flexodruck

FirePower FP601

Phoseon Technology is revolutionizing the narrow-web printing industry by combining flexography, which has been used for printing for more than a century, and UV-LED curing technology, which Phoseon first introduced to the narrow-web industry in 2009.

Phoseon’s technology uses UV LED light to rapidly set, or “cure,” ink used in printing, resulting in a higher quality product without the use of solvent-based inks.

“UV LED allows you to complete a wider range of print jobs with higher quality, faster and more consistently.”

Jennifer Heathcote, Regional Sales Manager, Phoseon Technology

Flexography utilizes a flexible relief plate — a modern version of letterpress — to print on nearly any type of material, from paper to plastic to metallic film. Unlike solvent or water based flexographic inks, UV inks dry almost instantly when exposed to UV light, resulting in a sharp and colorful image. With a UV-LED solution, Phoseon is enabling converters to enjoy the benefits of UV curing without the typical costs and hazards of operating an arc lamp to produce the UV light.

“UV LED allows you to complete a wider range of print jobs with higher quality, faster and more consistently,” said Jennifer Heathcote, regional sales manager at Phoseon Technology.

Schmalbahndruck - ein Begriff, der sich hauptsächlich auf eine Druckbreite unter 30 Zoll bezieht - wird häufig zum Drucken von Etiketten, Plastiktüten und flexiblen Verpackungen verwendet. Neben der höheren Qualität ermöglicht die UV-LED-Aushärtung für den Flexodruck eine bessere Prozesskontrolle, weniger Abfall und die Möglichkeit, Druckmaschinen schneller als mit herkömmlichen Schmalbahndruckverfahren laufen zu lassen.

The FirePower FP601 is a water-cooled solution with advanced control features using a Modbus interface and a high intensity output for the fastest possible cure speeds. The FireJet™ FJ601 simplifies retrofits with a self-contained air-cooled design that eliminates the need for air-extraction systems or water-cooling systems.

In addition to narrow-web printing, Phoseon Technology’s UV LED technology also is used in a wide range of other applications, such as wide-web and decorative printing, manufacturing wood, and curing wood and filament coatings.

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