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Discover Energy Credits & State Incentives – Upgrade to Sustainable Processes

With traditional UV curing processes, the tremendous heat associated with mercury UV lamps require a significant amount of electricity to operate. Phoseon UV LED technologies provide energy savings of between 75 and 85 percent compared to prior drying systems. On average the annual operational cost savings for one 8 station flexo press is $50,000. In addition to ROI through energy consumption savings, there are utility rebates, and state incentives available which can significantly reduce the cost of upgrading to sustainable LED equipment.

In the past 12 months energy prices have increased 50-88% on a global scale. Have you considered contacting your energy company for rebates? Working through the process can be daunting, so we have a solution:

Titan Energy (CT) has worked with end users to identify and apply for rebate/funding dollars toward the purchase of Phoseon LED solutions. Titan Energy is an independent energy consultancy firm with in- depth knowledge of energy procurement, demand-side management, and on-site generation services helping customers throughout North America. As a leader in the energy management industry, Titan Energy’s ability to generate savings associated with reduced overall consumption has created a trusted reputation throughout North America.

Titan Energy creates comprehensive energy management strategies utilizing data to control and reduce energy costs. Utilities nationwide are looking for large energy users to curtail energy use and are willing to fund energy efficiency projects.

The Titan Process:

Analyze: Titan conducts site assessments and the discovery of incentives available to you. They present reports on financial scenarios that maximize value. Titan helps design the efficiency project to fit your needs.

Execute: Titan then manages the project from start to finish, ensuring all work is completed to state and building standards. As the project manager, a key role is to secure rebates and incentives the project qualifies for. If required, they will arrange for project financing.

Measure: Titan will continue to provide regular reporting of energy savings to validate results.

Solutions: Reduce your energy bill by using less power. Titan offers solutions for lighting & controls, HVAC upgrades, mechanical upgrades, weatherization, mechanical retrofits, gas conversions, utility incentive assessments, site audits, and maintenance service contracts.

Case Study Success 1:

Challenge: Titan Energy performed a comprehensive analysis of a label manufacturer’s facilities across the Northeast. This process uncovered funding incentives for equipment upgrades as well as eligibility for utility Demand Response programs. By approaching this challenge holistically, Titan helped the client execute a strategic energy procurement plan, ensuring that the customer’s energy purchasing strategy was fully in line with their demand-side initiatives.

Approach & Solution: Using an audit comparing the old UV curing technology and new Phoseon UV LED fixtures, Titan obtained utility incentives for a hybrid LED processing application by showing a significant reduction in energy use during the printing process. Covering 45% of the project costs, the new UV LED lighting fixtures reduced maintenance downtime and energy usage while increasing label production by 33%. Titan also assisted in designing and executing a peak load management plan, allowing the manufacturer to curtail usage when the electricity grid experiences peak demand conditions. This, along with lower overall usage from their LED upgrade, led to a 40% reduction in their ICAP tag. By structuring an energy procurement plan to ensure the customer received the full benefit of their capacity cost reduction, Titan’s expertise was vital for this customer in maximizing savings.


  • Utility program coverage: 45% of project costs covered by utility
  • Savings of $162,841 annually
  • Savings of 11.08 million kilowatt-hours over 10 years
  • 33% increase in production from 600 units/minute to 800 units/minute

Case Study Success 2:

Challenge: A leading North American manufacturer of premium prime label solutions sought to reduce their carbon footprint and become more energy efficient in their processes. By working with Titan Energy to plan energy efficiency upgrades, they found opportunities to improve the sustainability of their printing company, reduce printing costs, and reduce energy usage.

Approach & Solutions: By upgrading exhaust fans, converting mercury vapor lamps to Phoseon LED, and upgrading the printing line on three presses, the manufacturer was able to reduce their CO2 emissions by 4,755 tons, SO2 emissions by 5,531 pounds, and their NOX emissions by 6,519 pounds. In addition, the printing line’s energy use was reduced by over 50% with the new Phoseon LED printing system. Not only was the energy demand reduced, but the lamp life increased from 2,500 hours to 25,000 hours – a 10,000% increase, meaning they only need to replace the bulbs once every four years instead of three times per year, saving in material and maintenance costs. These reductions were possible because the new Phoseon LED lamps that were installed have a lower wattage than the UV and mercury vapor lamps and are less energy intensive.

Additionally, the new lamps give off less heat, so the facility has reduced chilled water requirements and exhaust fans to keep the printing line running properly, which reduces the energy usage further. The old mercury vapor lamps also needed to remain in “stand-by” mode in between production runs but the new LEDs are either on or off, which saves additional kWh. With savings from this project, the manufacturer has been able to reinvest funds into other facility improvements such as adding four new printing presses in their plants, creating over 30 new jobs. Phoseon UV LED printing technology increased production pace, cutting project turnaround times in half while maintaining consistent quality.


  • Total electric savings was reduced 50% 22,526,977 lifetime kWh
  • Net annual: 1,873,201 kWh savings
  • CO2 savings: 4,755 tons

The Future Is Green:

At Phoseon, we are fully committed to the well-being of the environment. We continuously work to reduce the environmental impact of the products that we manufacture. Phoseon LED solutions offer consistent and reliable power output, eliminate greenhouse gases, and remove mercury from an entire category of industrial processes. Phoseon started the LED revolution for UV curing in 2002 and its products have collectively saved millions of pounds of CO2 emissions since inspection. LED is the only sustainable choice for UV curing.

With over 20 years of experience in the energy management industry, Titan identifies non-disruptive ways to trim your energy usage and, ultimately, help your business run more efficiently. Titan Solutions guarantees turnkey solutions that capture utility and state incentives to drastically reduce the costs of the proposed solutions. Titan Energy supports our commitment to sustainability and ensures a smooth transition while upgrading to Phoseon UV LED solutions. Titan Energy is your expert strategic advisor of energy efficiency projects of all sizes. TO SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION VISIT: TITANENERGYNE.COM

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