Phoseon Achieves 300 Patents


Phoseon Technology announced that it has been granted US Patent No. 10,175,103 – “Method and System for Monitoring Ultraviolet Light for a Fiber Cure System.”

The granting of this patent marks a milestone of 300 patents awarded and applied for worldwide.

Phoseon’s patents are organized in 54 patent families, covering critical design, process, and other photonic technologies across all the major markets worldwide.

“Phoseon has built a strong portfolio of patents covering our fiber curing technology.”

Bill Cortelyou, president and CEO, Phoseon

Phoseon’s patented UV LED fiber curing system ensures high-speed curing of optical fiber to deliver uniform and concentrated light for a fast cure, increased output and simplified process control.

“Phoseon has built a strong portfolio of patents covering our fiber curing technology,” said Bill Cortelyou, president and CEO of Phoseon Technology.

Phoseon’s Fiber Curing System consists of a high-intensity UV LED light source specifically matched to Phoseon’s patented Fiber Reflector Unit to direct the UV energy uniformly around the circumference of the fiber.

LED technology greatly increases cure-speed, reduces energy consumption and increases factory utilization with high lamp reliability.

Phoseon UV LED systems offer several advantages over traditional curing with arc or microwave lamps, including:

  • Stable over time and more uniform UV output;
  • An environmentally friendly alternative to curing with mercury-based lamps;
  • Low operating temperature;
  • Long lifetime;
  • Energy efficient – operates only when needed;
  • A safer and more comfortable workplace environment

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