Phoseon Expands into Retrofit Market


Phoseon Technology, now locally represented by Beswick Machinery, is set to accelerate the rate at which flexographic printers make the transition to UV LED curing. In addition to its market-leading product portfolio, the company has launched Phoseon Capital Services, providing flexographic retrofit customers with flexible payment options, and professional maintenance service contracts to ensure greater profitability.

Decreasing operational expense
UV LED curing has no moving parts, virtually eliminating down-time for maintenance and repairs. In addition, as bulbs last longer and require less energy to operate than traditional arc lamps, operating costs and energy usage are reduced by up to 70%. As an added advantage, UV LED curing does not use mercury (used in arc lamps), making it safer for the environment and workplace.

Asked to comment on this development, Bruce Beswick, MD of Beswick Machinery, welcomes this service for local customers. ‘Despite the rand’s ongoing volatility, if repayments are over a reasonable period, local customers can arrange forward cover,’ he points out.

‘We can also offer to install a demo unit on most presses for our customers to test prior to committing to a purchase,’ he adds.

In conjunction with Beswick Machinery, Phoseon Capital Services allows printers to choose the right Phoseon UV LED curing system to meet their specific requirements, to choose a payment plan and to schedule installation.

On offer are 36-month payment options and up to 48-month leasing arrangements, all including professional evaluations to determine necessary components, retrofit installation and training services, and warranties on UV LED lamps during the purchase or lease periods.

Leases are also offered with quarterly check-up maintenance services and end-of-lease buy-out options.

The benefits of shifting to Phoseon UV LED technology are many and varied, and require the support of a strong and robust ecosystem of partners. Customers get more than just Phoseon’s technology and professional assistance. Phoseon works closely with ecosystem partners – ink manufacturers, material and substrate suppliers – to optimise the flexographic printing process.

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