Phoseon – the first fully equipped UV-LED flexo printing machine at Eticod in Poland


The family-run printing company Eticod from Katowice, Poland, founded in 1994, focused on the sustainable production of labels early on, and has already invested in photovoltaic systems and heat exchangers in the past. With the investment in UV-LED for drying, the CO₂ emissions at Eticod are reduced even further.

With the construction of the new factory building, production could be expanded and made even more sustainable. be designed. Eticod owns five modern flexographic presses and two digital HP Indigo digital presses. What you won’t find at Eticod are cooling devices. The water is naturally cooled in the earth, fed into the factory’s highly efficient water supply, and used to cool the machines and as a replacement for air conditioning in summer.

In order to further reduce CO₂ emissions and make production even more efficient, Eticod has decided to invest in UV LED technology. At the beginning of the year, a Bobst M5 430, ten-color press with UV-LED curing was successfully installed and put into operation. The machine consumes approx. 60% less electricity, which corresponds to an annual saving of approx. 50 kWh or 200 tons of CO₂ .

Aron Huc, son of the company’s founder Jacek Huc, is very impressed with LED technology: “UV-LED ensures constant and efficient curing in all colors and at all speeds. The fact that we do not need any replacement torches or spare parts, as well as the longevity of the Phoseon UV LED lamps with an achievable service life of over 60,000 operating hours, give us security and predictability. UV-LED emitters do not generate any ozone, which means that no extraction had to be installed. UV LED is not only good for the environment, it also has a very positive effect on the finances, sustainability and occupational safety of our company. “

In 2002 Phoseon Technology Inc. in the USA was the first company in the world to develop UV-LED lamps for industry, and produces them in its own factory at its main location near Portland, Oregon, under strict ISO 9001 quality standards. Phoseon UV-LED lamps achieve a service life of over 60,000 hours in the field and in internal endurance tests, which corresponds to a service life of approx. 15 to 20 years on a flexographic printing machine. With over 2500 systems installed worldwide and over 300 patents, Phoseon is the market and technology leader in UV LED curing in flexographic printing.

Eticod exported 40% of its production to Germany in 2020 and produces for the largest European brands. It is one of the most modern companies in Poland and invests in new machines and equipment every year. More information: and

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