Industry’s First 5 Year Warranty for Full LED Curing System

Nexus ONE UV LED curing solutions from Phoseon offer many benefits to printers and converters including a 5 year warranty. If you are interested in utilizing UV LED technology, consider both the quality of the UV LED system and also the capability of the company. The product must work within your machine, process and factory requirements.


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Air-cooled & Water-cooled Solutions

Efficiently removing excess heat from LED arrays is critical for the longevity and uniformity of the lamp. Phoseon uses patented thermal management techniques that remove excess heat from the system while providing a consistent operating temperature for the diodes to function at maximum performance over their operating lifetime.

Cooling Technology

Nexus ONE

Phoseon Swirl Color Indicates Lamp State

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Sustainable UV LED Curing

Phoseon Nexus ONE products provide significant energy savings, prevent pollution, and reduce waste. Collectively, Phoseon UV LED lamps have eliminated millions of pound of CO₂ emissions. With traditional UV curing processes, the tremendous heat associated with mercury UV lamps require a significant amount of electricity to operate. Phoseon UV LED technologies provide energy savings up to 85 percent compared to traditional mercury-vapor UV lamps. With Phoseon light sources, there is no need for fume extraction units to remove the gases generated by mercury-vapor UV lamps.  Invest in a green future!

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Are you interested in UV LED technology but not sure how to get started? Phoseon offers fully integrated solutions for narrow-web upgrades that consist of station-by-station building blocks including light sources and Nexus Tower power and control systems.

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