Getting Started

Are you interested in UV LED technology but not sure how to get started? Phoseon offers fully integrated solutions for narrow-web retrofits that consist of station-by-station building blocks including light sources and Flex Tower power and control systems.

Phoseon UV LED Capability:

  • 100% UV LED focus
  • Extensive knowledge of LED fundamentals
  • Engineered for maximum efficiency
  • Consistent, uniform UV output every run

See how retrofit with Phoseon UV LED solutions is so simple.

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UV LED Light Sources

UV LED curing solutions from Phoseon offer many benefits to printers and converters that make it an appealing option for any size operation. If you are interested in utilizing UV LED technology, consider both the quality of the UV LED system and also the capability of the company. The product must work within your machine, process and factory requirements.

The high power output of the FirePower™ FP601 water-cooled solution cures UV LED flexo inks at speeds of up to 1200fpm (365m/min) with a small form factor ideal for integrating into flexo presses with limited space. The FirePower FP601 is available in print widths up to 675mm.

The FireJet™ FJ605 and FireJet FJ601 are both self-contained air-cooled solutions, which do not require a water chiller or air extraction system.

The FireJet FJ605 provides a power output that enables cure speeds of up to 1000fpm (300m/min) with advanced control capabilities. The FJ605 is available for print widths up to 675mm. For flexo presses that have other speed limitations (for instance, speeds only up to 750fpm or 230m/min) and don’t require advanced controls, the Phoseon FireJet FJ601 air-cooled solution may be a preferred option. The FJ601 is available for print widths up to 525mm.

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Flex Tower

The Flex Tower provides a modular power and control system for flexo and narrow web, with easy installation for retrofit or new equipment. The modules include a user interface for individual lamp control, press integration, and DC power distribution to the lamps.
The modular design allows customers to start with a few stations for the most difficult to cure colors (for instance one for opaque whites and one for dense blacks). After proving the advantages on just one or two stations customers will want the full benefit of UV LED technology. Additional modules can be added to the Flex Tower to upgrade the rest of the press.

Phoseon’s retrofit installation kit includes the following options:

  • UV LED light sources
  • The Flex Tower
  • Power, Data, and Press Integration cables
  • Cooling system (for water-cooled only)
  • Water manifold (for water-cooled only)
  • Custom mounting brackets
  • UV shielding (if necessary)
  • Chill plate captures excess UV energy without touching web

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