FireFly LED Systems

The Phoseon FireFly is an air-cooled small form factor UV LED curing lamp with peak intensities up to 8W/cm². The FireFly product is ideal for small area and spot cure applications. It perfectly suits the UV curing of adhesives, inks, electronic materials and biomedical materials.

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Application Examples:

Flatbed Inkjet Printing
ForeFly UV LED curing solutions for flatbed inkjet printing.

Wind Turbine Blades
Gurit’s RENUVO uses UV LED curing technology for in-factory production and finishing.

Learn more about Phoseon applications – UV inkjet printing, UV curable coatings & UV curable adhesives.



Emitting Window Sizes:

  • 25x25mm |

Peak Irradiance @ Wavelength:

  • 1.5W/cm² @ 365nm |

Key Features

  • High Irradiance
  • Analog Control
  • Small Area Curing Applications