Panoramica della stampa digitale UV

Flessibilità, personalizzazione, crescita

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Panoramica della stampa digitale UV

Flessibilità, personalizzazione, crescita

Applicazioni di stampa UV


The UV digital printing market continues to grow at a fast pace. Flexibility, customization and the fast changeover are a few drivers behind the accelerated growth of digital inkjet printing. UV digital printing continues to provide economically friendly technology to cure ink at faster speeds with tighter control on the process. UV inkjet engines in digital printing have enabled printers to produce low cost, high quality products with faster turn-around times. Phoseon Technology pioneered UV LED technology by working with ink suppliers and printer manufacturers in this fast-moving digital printing market to create an ideal solution for end-users. Phoseon UV LED curing technology is a perfect fit for digital printing applications due to the compact size, ease of integration, and high intensity output achieved through optimized thermal management of the LEDs. Phoseon’s compact pinning solutions allow users to create a variety of print effects by controlling dot gain with just the right amount of UV energy.

Il FireEdge™ UV LED light sources specifically address the rapidly growing digital printing market by matching the length of today’s most popular inkjet print head dimensions. This product is a fundamentally new design based on customer input from around the world to enable higher quality at higher speeds. The top air intake and exhaust eliminate inkjet print head interference and the units can be scaled to meet a variety of print width applications.

Phoseon Technology’s FireJet™ UV LED lights sources are the highest-powered member of Phoseon’s air-cooled product line. These 12 W/cm² products are designed for the digital inkjet markets where rock-solid reliability and simple integration are key requirements. The FireJet UV LED light source scales simply by placing a second unit next to the original. Phoseon’s optics ensure consistent uniformity at the substrate surface.



Etichette e imballaggi

La tecnologia di essiccazione UV LED è ideale per stampanti di etichette e nastri stretti.

Soluzioni per etichette e imballaggi

stampa di bottiglie

Stampa di bottiglie

La tecnologia UV LED viene utilizzata per la stampa digitale su contenitori cilindrici.

Soluzioni per la stampa di bottiglie

Stampa 3D

Stampa 3D

La polimerizzazione UV LED può produrre modelli 3D completamente polimerizzati.

Soluzioni per la stampa 3D

marcatura di codifica

Codifica e marcatura

La polimerizzazione UV LED offre una soluzione facile da usare praticamente senza manutenzione.

Soluzioni per la codifica e la marcatura


Poster e segnaletica

Scopri come i LED UV possono migliorare i tuoi poster e la tua segnaletica.

Soluzioni per poster e segnaletica