Touch panels, mobile devices


UV adhesive curing for electronics manufacturing is an emerging application as it provides consistent stable output, no ‘hot’ spots, and low heat. UV adhesive curing for touch screens, mobile phones, micro speakers, and hard disk drives provide just a few examples of commercial applications.

Solutions for Electronics



Medical applications such as: syringes, catheters, IV delivery systems, endoscopes, hearing aids often utilize UV curing technology.  UV LED technology offers many benefits to medical device adhesives such as low heat, instant on/off capability, long lifetime which makes it a versatile solution for thin film, heat sensitive or any research application.

Solutions for Medical



Adhesive curing is utilized for industrial grade bonding for a variety of materials. Industrial processes require products that can work in tough, sometimes harsh manufacturing environments. This curing includes but is not limited to solar panels, wood/plastic coatings, thin films, bottle processing, aviation, automobiles and many others.

Solutions for Industrial

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