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UV LED curing solutions are being utilized in the coating industry because they offer lower operating costs, enhanced system capabilities due to being a solid-state device, and environmental benefits of safer workplace environment and no hazardous materials. UV LED technology drastically reduces energy consumption and significantly reduces work-piece surface temperature. Machines can be made more compact due to small form factor; speed can be increased due to consistent UV output; and the diffuse nature of UV LED light can be used to more effectively cure shaped surfaces which previously required multiple lamps at various angles. UV curable coating applications include: wood and vinyl, automotive, musical instruments, fixtures and many others.

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Coatings Applications Overview

Fiber Enclosure, Gen7

Fiber Curing System, Gen 7

The 섬유 경화 시스템 utilizes a fiber-optimized UV LED light source combined with a patented reflector. The reflector directs the UV light around the entire fiber circumference.

  • Cooling: Air- or water-cooled
  • Power: 25 & 30W/cm²
  • UV light energy focused in a tight cylinder
  • Ultra-high intensity
  • Ultra-high speed curing
  • Enclosure provides protection from liquid spills