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UV LED curing products are utilized for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications in adhesive, coating and printing markets. UV LED curing technology has advanced to a point where it now offers enough power and capability to support a very wide range of existing and new industrial applications. With compatible material formulation, UV LED curing systems have become more efficient in delivering higher energy to the media thus driving not only increased throughput and process flexibility but also environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions. End users are rapidly moving to UV LED light curing technology due to the accumulation of benefits.

Phoseon Technology’s revolutionary UV-LED curing technology offers superior process stability and consistency in a wide range of applications.

Some of the advantages of using UV LED involve the reduction in heat transfer to the parts and substrates when curing inks, coating, and adhesives.  UV LED light curing systems not only draw less power than conventional UV systems, they also eliminate the need for exhaust, require less floor space, have no consumables and therefore offer reduced operational costs.

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UV Printing Applications


The FireEdge and FireJet products are air cooled, compact UV LED curing lamps ideal for large and small area curing. The FireEdge products are also well-matched for pinning to “freeze” the ink without fully curing.

  • Flexographic
  • Digital/Inkjet
  • 화면
  • Pinning
  • Medical

Solutions for Printing



The FireJet and FirePower products are scalable UV LED curing lamps with uses in a wide variety of coatings and conveyor applications.

  • Fiber & Wire: Fiber Optics, Electrical & Structural Wire, Smart Fabrics
  • Wood
  • Automotive

Solutions for Printing

UV LED Curing for Industrial Applications


The FireLine, FirePower and FireFlex are water-cooled products that allow for industrial adhesive applications such as industrial grade bonding for a variety of materials.

  • Electronics
  • Displays

Solutions for Adhesives

Airplane Production Line


The FireLine, FirePower and FireJet are UV LED curing lamps ideally suited for a wide array of curing processes.

  • Manufacturing, Design & Repair
  • Assembly

Solutions for Industrial Curing