Phoseon Introduces FireEdge FE410

Phoseon Technology Introduces FireEdge™ FE410 LED Curing Systems Products will be available starting May 2019. Phoseon Technology announced the new […] more »

4월 17, 2019

Phoseon Celebrates 2018 Milestones

In 2018, Phoseon Technology launched a number of key products and technologies while delivering its 100,000th UV LED curing lamp. […] more »

2월 12, 2019

Phoseon reflects on a year of new UV LED technology offerings

To date, Phoseon has delivered more than 100,000 units into a wide variety of applications. Phoseon Technology has completed a […] more »

Phoseon Donates UV LED Curing System to Sonoco Institute

Phoseon is donating FireJet FJ605 light sources with Flex Tower and mounting brackets. Phoseon Technology is donating LED curing systems […] more »

2월 2, 2019

UV LED Technology Improves Display Manufacturing Throughput

Rui Zhou, Phoseon, reports on how Phoseon Technology’s UV LED curing is transforming how screens are made. Consumers globally are […] more »

4월 3, 2018