Ultraviolet LEDs illuminate the scientific landscape

Non-laser Light Sources: Ultraviolet LEDs illuminate the scientific landscape With differences in spectral distribution, power level, and regulatory issues, UV […] more »

November 19, 2019

UV Decontamination of Lab Equipment

Decontamination of Lab Equipment using Ultraviolet LED Problem: Keeping laboratory equipment clean is a daunting task. Microbes from the air, lingering […] more »

June 13, 2019

RNase: comparing thee to snow on a winter’s day

Reproducibility, sustainability and resources are all currently very high on the agenda and more important than ever for lab scientists. […] more »

February 22, 2019


Phoseon is the innovative leader in UV LED solutions for life sciences and industrial curing applications, and it continues to focus on new capabilities to meet clients' needs. more »

August 14, 2018