Phoseon Expands Into Flexographic Press Retrofit Market


Phoseon Technology Expands Deeper Into Flexographic Press Retrofit Market with New Services

Hillsboro, Oregon (June 19th, 2018) – Phoseon Technology, the leader for Innovative LED Solutions™, will accelerate flexographic converter companies’ transition to UV LED curing. Phoseon announced today, the launch of Phoseon Capital Services. In addition to its market-leading product portfolio, this will provide Phoseon’s flexographic retrofit customers financial services with flexible payment options, as well as professional maintenance service contracts to ensure greater profitability gains.

The benefits of UV LED curing for converters include:

  • The ability to complete a wider range of high quality print jobs, faster
  • The ability to deliver more consistent, high quality print
  • Maximized press line uptime
  • Reduced operational expenses

“Phoseon Capital Services is a new offer designed to provide converters with financial and maintenance options to make the transition to UV LED curing systems easy and affordable,” said Bill Cortelyou, president and CEO of Phoseon. “With over 1,400 flexo press stations curing with Phoseon Technology, converters are realizing the benefits of UV LED curing. With a professional service offering from Phoseon, we will make that transition as easy as possible for our customers.”

Phoseon Capital Services
Phoseon Capital Services’ team will help companies build the right Phoseon UV LED curing system for their unique and specific requirements, choose a payment plan and schedule installation of the lamps. With global capabilities, Phoseon Capital Services will assist companies in retrofitting their existing printing operations with UV LED lamps.

Phoseon Capital Services offers up to 36-month payment and up to 48-month leasing options, both of which come with a professional evaluation to determine all necessary components, professional retrofit installation and training services, and a matching warranty on the UV LED lamps during the purchase or lease period.

Phoseon Capital Services also provides leases with quarterly check-up maintenance services and a buy-out option at the end of the lease. It also offers purchase customers extended maintenance contract options.

“This is a full-service global operation, helping customers determine the right UV LED curing equipment for their specific needs, offering financing options and providing on-site installation and continual support service,” said Cortelyou. “Given our history with UV LED curing, we are confident in the quality of our technology and the exceptional results customers are able to achieve using Phoseon UV LED curing systems.”

“Phoseon Capital Services is a new offer designed to provide converters with financial and maintenance options to make the transition to UV LED curing systems easy and affordable.”
Bill Cortelyou, President and CEO, Phoseon Technology

Ecosystem Partners
The benefits of shifting to Phoseon UV LED technology are many and require the support of a strong and robust ecosystem of partners. Our customers get more than just Phoseon’s technology and professional assistance. Phoseon works closely with its ecosystem partners — ink manufacturers, material and substrate suppliers, and distributors — to optimize the flexography printing process forits converter customers.

“Working with our partners enables us to fine-tune the curing process to exceed our customers’ expectations,” said Keate Despain, VP of Phoseon Marketing. “We believe by working together, the concerns of switching to a better technology like UV LED curing are best addressed by a healthy and vibrant ecosystem.”

Our partners agree:

  • “Sun Chemical has designed UV LED inks to meet the strict requirements for food packaging guidelines and for UV LED flexographic printers. SunCure® Accuflex inks meet the standards of compliance for primary packaging and can be cured with Phoseon UV LED lamps to help printers transition to LED,” said Derrick Hemmings, product manager-ECP-Canada, Sun Chemical.
  • “Symbiotic relationships within the supply chain are fundamental to create a solid foundation for printers and converters. We have worked with Phoseon, witnessing multiple global successes,” said Amanda Jones, Business Development & Marketing Director, Paragon Inks.
  • “We are delighted to continue our long-term partnership with Phoseon, and support the important task of installed press retrofits, so that customers can take full advantage of the benefits of LED across all of their presses,” said Kelly Kolliopoulos, global Director of marketing, Flint Group Narrow Web.
  • “As LED UV technology gains further acceptance in the industry, we are proud and excited to partner with Phoseon as they offer press retrofit services. Phoseon has been one of our premier partners in developing Siegwerk’s technology for LED UV,” said Tom Hammer, Head of technical marketing, Siegwerk.
  • “Zeller+Gmelin is pleased to partner with Phoseon in their new Flexographic Retrofit Services program with LED curing equipment that provides faster press speeds, reduced operator maintenance, lower energy usage, and a more consistent degree of cure compared to older Mercury-type UV curing systems,” said Ed Dedman, Flexographic Technical Support Manager Zeller+Gmelin.
  • “Ashland has been a long time champion of UV LED technology and innovation and are excited to continue our collaboration with Phoseon as the narrow web industry shifts into world of UV LED,” said Catherine Heckman, Ashland Global Industry Manager – Packaging & Converting, Adhesives & Coatings.
  • • “Phoseon UV LED lamp technology and their Phoseon Capital service program for retrofit, along with Nazdar LED products, offer the industry an option to adapt this new technology to legacy equipment,” said Mike Harjung, Vice President, Narrow Web at Nazdar.
  • “When Kustom Group focused on LED technology, Phoseon proved to be a great partner with their leading-edge technology and commitment to sharing all they know about LED,” said Matt Apke, Coatings Product Manager Kustom Group.

Decreasing Operational Expenses with Phoseon UV LED curing systems:
UV LED curing has no moving parts, virtually eliminating down-time for maintenance and repairs. UV LED bulbs last longer and require less energy to operate than traditional arc lamps, reducing converter operation costs and energy usage by up to 70 percent. In addition, because UV LED curing does not contain mercury, which is used in arc lamps, it is safer for the environment and workplace.

Phoseon has shipped more than 100,000 lamps used for applications ranging from packaging solutions for consumer goods to the disinfection of laboratory samples. Its platform of innovative LED solutions is found around the world, and continues to be the performance leader due to its ability to get more energy and focused output from UV LEDs than any other supplier.

About Phoseon Technology
Since 2002, Phoseon Technology pioneered the use of LED technology for Life Sciences and Industrial Curing. Through our relentless innovation, we deliver high performance, reliable and patented LED based solutions. Our strong focus on customer collaboration has resulted in world-wide market leadership position and presence. Phoseon is an ISO9001 certified company manufacturing award winning products. We uniquely focus 100% on LED technology therefore ensuring superior reliability, business economics, and environmental benefits.

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