Phoseon Technology Introduces KeyPro™ Explorer UVC LED Evaluation Kit for Virus Inactivation and Pathogen Research

KeyPro Explorer

UVC LED effectively inactivates biomolecules and microorganisms

Hillsboro, Oregon (April 30, 2020) – Phoseon Technology introduces KeyPro™ Explorer UVC LED evaluation kit (275nm) for preliminary evaluation of applications for high-intensity UVC light, including disinfection, decontamination, photochemistry and imaging.

This compact, air-cooled, UVC LED system is the logical stepping stone to investigate new applications using UVC light. KeyPro Explorer comes ready to go off the shelf with a power supply to operate off standard wall power. This is a critical device in the toolbox to help scientists conduct directional studies, determining the suitability of UVC light for specific applications, building the specifications for a complete system, and more.

In addition to KeyPro Explorer, Phoseon offers a wide range of KeyPro products for various applications such as virus inactivation, pathogen research and materials research and development. These lamps are available in various sizes for easy integration.

Safety info on UVC: Warning RISK GROUP 3 UV EMITTED FROM THIS PRODUCT Avoid eye and skin exposure to unshielded product.

About Phoseon Technology 
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