Nexus ONE™ UV LED for Narrow Web

Phoseon Technology introduces Nexus ONE™ sustainable UV LED curing products for flexographic printing applications. Nexus ONE premium UV LED curing lamps deliver maximum power and dose of UV energy for the flexographic markets where high performance is a key requirement. By enabling quality applications at faster press speeds, the Nexus ONE is truly the all-in-one UV LED curing product for flexographic printing. Invest in your future now!

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Nexus Tower

Phoseon offers fully integrated solutions for narrow-web printing that include the light sources and the Nexus Tower power and control system. The Nexus Tower provides a configurable power and control system for Phoseon UV LED light sources, providing a complete solution for new installations and retrofit upgrades.

Phoseon 的 UV LED 固化解决方案为印刷商和加工商提供了许多好处,使其成为任何规模操作的一个吸引人的选择。如果您对利用 UV LED 技术感兴趣,请考虑 UV LED 系统的质量和公司的能力。该产品必须在您的机器、工艺和工厂要求范围内工作。