Phoseon Technology Expands Nexus ONE™ Platform with a New Water-cooled LED Curing Lamp for Flexographic Printing

Nexus One, Water Cooled

The Industry’s First 5 Year Warranty for Full LED Curing System

Hillsboro, Oregon (August 9, 2022) – Phoseon Technology expands the Nexus ONE™ platform with a new water-cooled 675mm LED curing lamp for flexographic printing applications. The longer lamp size will supplement the existing Nexus ONE air-cooled products that come in the following lengths: 300mm, 375mm, 450mm, 525mm, 600mm. Nexus ONE premium lamps deliver maximum power and dose of UV energy to high performance applications and come with a 5-year warranty for entire LED curing system.

Nexus ONE comes equipped with Phoseon’s patented TargetCure™技术 that provides users with stable, consistent, and precise UV curing output. TargetCure enables converters to confidently run Food and Medical Safe jobs using LED Low Migration inks in addition to standard label and shrink-film jobs. The consistent and stable output provides repeatable results with each run for a high-yield process.
Phoseon offers fully integrated LED solutions for new presses or retrofits for narrow-web printing that consist of station-by-station building blocks including light sources and the Nexus Tower power and control system.

Phoseon的 专利的LED技术 offers converters the ability to print on thin heat sensitive substrates at faster curing speeds with a more reliable curing process. LED also brings product sustainability with up to 70% energy savings and significant waste reduction compared to mercury UV curing.


自2002年以来,Phoseon Technology率先将LED技术用于以下领域 生命科学工业固化.通过我们的不懈创新,我们提供高性能、可靠和专利的LED解决方案。我们非常注重与客户的合作,这使得我们在全球市场上处于领先地位。Phoseon是一家通过ISO9001认证的公司,生产的产品屡获殊荣,在全球拥有300多项专利。我们独特地将100%专注于LED技术,因此确保了卓越的可靠性、商业经济性和环境效益。

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