Phoseon 推出 KeyView™ 紫外检测系统

KeyView Prep紫外线检测仪

Phoseon Introduces KeyView™ Multi-Channel UV Detection Systems for Preparative and Flash Chromatography

High-intensity 220 nm laser channel for narrow-band precision

Hillsboro, Oregon (September 18, 2019) – Phoseon Technology today introduces the KeyView™ multi-channel UV detection systems for preparative and flash chromatography.  The small form factor allows for easy integration into existing LC systems. Using solid state technology, KeyView detectors use maximum light intensity to capture a higher absorbance range of high concentration analytes. Phoseon’s detectors allow users to consistently quantify and isolate fractions of proteins and biomolecules. Six simultaneous absorbance channels include a mini-spectrum in the critical 250-300 nm UV range. The near zero drift with KeyView gives users the confidence of highly reproducible results.

“Our product provides validated, simple, detection capabilities for characterizing purified proteins,” states Jay Pasquantonio, Strategy Director at Phoseon Technology. “KeyView’s small form factor makes it easy for users to upgrade their current system.”

KeyView products use proprietary and patented LED technology to provide users with a powerful solution that offers precise and predictable UV output. LEDs are inherently low-noise, stable, cool, and controllable. They turn on in milliseconds to full brightness and last for greater than 10,000 hours. 

自2002年以来,Phoseon Technology率先将LED技术应用于生命科学和工业固化。通过我们的不懈创新,我们提供了高性能、可靠和专利的LED解决方案。我们非常注重与客户的合作,这使得我们在全球市场上处于领先地位。Phoseon 是一家通过 ISO9001 认证的公司,生产的产品屡获殊荣,在全球拥有 300 多项专利。我们独特地将100%专注于LED技术,因此确保了卓越的可靠性、商业经济性和环境效益。