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The Inventor of UV LED Curing

As the industry pioneer, Phoseon provides the broadest portfolio of LED-based solutions for drying inks, coatings, adhesives and other UV sensitive materials through polymerization. With over 300 patents and trademarks protecting more than 150,000 units shipped, Phoseon has earned a worldwide reputation for innovation, quality and reliability. Phoseon provides LED curing solutions to a wide-range of applications and market segments including: labels and packaging, container decoration, digital printing, wire and fiber coatings, electronics, automotive assembly, medical devices, wood furniture, and many more.

LED Curing Applications


Nexus ONE™ Products for Flexographic Printing

Phoseon Technology는 플렉소 인쇄 응용 분야를 위한 Nexus ONE™ 지속 가능한 UV LED 경화 제품을 소개합니다. Nexus ONE 프리미엄 UV LED 경화 램프는 고성능이 핵심 요구 사항인 플렉소그래피 시장에 최대 출력과 UV 에너지를 제공합니다. 더 빠른 프레스 속도로 고품질 애플리케이션을 구현함으로써 Nexus ONE은 플렉소 인쇄를 위한 진정한 올인원 UV LED 경화 제품입니다. 지금 당신의 미래에 투자하세요!

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Eco-Friendly LED Curing Technology

At Phoseon, we are fully committed to the wellbeing of the environment.  We continuously work to reduce the environmental impact of the products that we manufacture. Phoseon LED curing solutions offer consistent and reliable power output, eliminates greenhouse gas, and removes mercury in an entire category of industrial processes.  Allow us to contribute to your corporate sustainability objectives TODAY!

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