Nexus ONE

Nexus ONE™ UV LED Retrofit Solutions

The Nexus ONE™ UV LED curing systems are ideally suited for flexographic printing applications, delivering the best performing solution the industry. With 2.5 times more LED diodes than competitive products and patented thermal management techniques, Nexus ONE products deliver the highest total UV power output to achieve increased print speeds, increased press uptime, and double the product lifetime. Nexus ONE is the first UV LED curing system available with a five-year warranty for the entire system, offering investment protection for customers.

Nexus ONE fully integrated solutions include the light sources and the Nexus Tower power and control system. The Nexus Tower provides a configurable power and control system, providing a complete solution for new installations and retrofit upgrades. Retrofit installation kits are easy to install and can be completed by our experienced field engineers.

Upgrade your press today

Increase Profitability

Since UV curing issues on press are typically the result of faulty mercury lamps, the formulation, or the converting process, the use of UV LED technology eliminates the UV curing system as the source of the problem. This saves time in troubleshooting and ultimately has a positive impact on the bottom line. Unlike mercury UV curing lamps, UV LEDs do not emit ozone, eliminating the need for large blower systems or exhaust air ducting and allowing converters to optimize their floor space.

  • Higher yields due to reliable curing
  • Increased press up-time
  • Un débit plus rapide
  • Économies d'énergie de 50% à 80%
  • Aucun coût d'élimination des ampoules au mercure
  • Lower operating costs

Enhance Capability

By retrofitting your press with Nexus ONE UV LED curing systems, you will be pushing your performance to levels previously not attained. The intense UV output paired with UV LED flexo inks achieve record press running speeds. The low heat output enables new capabilities such as heat-sensitive materials, unsupported films, and thinner substrates while requiring less maintenance and energy.

  • Blancs opaques et noirs denses de meilleure qualité
  • Deep through curing
  • Heat sensitive substrates
  • UV metallic range
  • Couleurs fluorescentes sans décoloration
  • Low migration process

Upgrade your Press

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