UV LED Decontamination


UV LED decontamination using Phoseon’s KeyPro™ KP100 instrument benefits labs that require high fidelity RNA library prep, sequencing and PCR, or for vaccine development labs that need to quickly and reliably inactivate viruses. Complete inactivation of laboratory contaminants, including the hard-to-kill RNase A, can be accomplished by the KeyPro UV LED decontamination system in under five minutes and at fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

KeyPro™ KP100 Product Specifications

KeyPro, Running

RNA library prep, sequencing & PCR

KeyPro Benefits

  • Complete inactivation of contaminants
  • Speeds lab throughput
  • Simple touch-screen interface
  • Stable, consistent scientific outcomes
  • Reduce lab consumables costs
  • Seamless workflow integration

Watch the KeyPro Product Video