UV Light Emitting Diode Technology

Reliable Solid State Solutions

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UV Light Emitting Diode Technology

Reliable Solid State Solutions

At Phoseon, we bring our portfolio of UV light emitting diode technology to life sciences. Whether you are developing a new instrument for protein detection or a system for protecting patients from dangerous infections, Phoseon Technology is the right partner for highly-reliable, efficient and specialized UV light emitting diode technology.

Phoseon’s UV LED technology provides significant benefits:

1) Stability
Due to Phoseon’s patented and proprietary design, the output of each array is calibrated and controlled to provide consistent and stable output. This happens in three phases: first the input current is carefully monitored and adjusted over time so as the diodes maintain a consistent output. Second, upon initial startup controlling the current to each array ensures the no overshoot of the nominal operating output. Last, the units are consistent over a wide ambient operating temperature range so the same energy is produced in various environmental conditions.

2) Low-temperature
Phoseon’s technology uses custom thermal and optical capabilities to minimize temperature transfer from the array to the working surface. Unlike traditional bulb sources that generate heat in excess of 250°C, solutions typically run below 60°C with the majority of heat being handled by the thermal management system and not at the work surface.

3) Instant-On/Off
Being able to quickly turn the array on and off leads to more productive operations. LED arrays are similar to a light switch and can be turned on/off at will. In fact, turning the LED on only when needed is a the recommended practice and extends the LED lifetime. Gone are the days of having to ‘warm-up’ a system for 45 minutes before it is stable enough to use then leave it in ‘standby’ mode that wastes energy between uses.

4) There’s no mercury
Most legacy systems require double containment to reduce the risk of glass and mercury contamination. Cleaning procedures for failed lamps can stop production lines for hours. Our UV LED systems do not require complicated double containment and contain no mercury.

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Whatever your wavelength, Phoseon has a solid solution.

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UV Power

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UV Stability

Phoseon’s light engines and detectors enable near-zero drift.

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