Life Sciences Applications

Solid State UV Technology for Chromatography, Disinfection, Photochemistry, and Imaging

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Life Sciences Applications

Solid State UV Technology for Chromatography, Disinfection, Photochemistry, and Imaging



Phoseon Technology delivers UV LED technology for a wide array of life sciences applications. Our solutions provide precisely controlled, long-lasting light for biological inactivation, molecular detection, and advanced imaging.  We engineer both individual modules as either stand-alone systems or as sub-assemblies within existing platforms. These engineered solutions provide enhanced performance where precision, yield, throughput, and quality of analysis are critical to success.

Phoseon Technology leads the way in utilizing light-emitting diodes across relevant wavelengths to open the door to new applications. We quickly deliver highly engineered, reliability tested, and ISO9001 quality-assured products. Building from our background in solid-state semiconductor devices, we utilize native diodes to provide the best performance for your application. With 100% focused on LED technology, Phoseon provides both standard and custom solutions to OEMs and end-users worldwide.

Conventional bulbs provide a broad spectrum of low-intensity energy, much of which is not useful. Users have dealt with sub-optimal solutions that require frequent replacements, hazardous waste handling, and potentially dangerous wavelengths. LEDs offer orders-of-magnitude higher power output within specific targeted wavelengths for various applications.

Phoseon engineers custom solutions based on patented LED technology for a wide range of life sciences applications. Applications include: chromatographydecontaminationdisinfectionphotochemistry and imaging.

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HPLC Chromatography

Liquid Chromatography

Phoseon delivers solid-state detectors for chromatography and analytical instruments.

Solutions for Liquid Chromatography



Phoseon’s UV LED technology successfully inactivates biological molecules and microorganisms.

Solutions for Disinfection

Photochemistry Processes

Phoseon offers high-irradiance light sources for Photochemistry applications.

Solutions for Photochemistry Processes

Fluorescence Microscopy

Fluorescence Microscopy

Phoseon’s solid-state light sources deliver high performance imaging for fluorescence microscopy.

Solutions for Fluorescence Microscopy