At Phoseon, we engineer an extensive portfolio of products to bring high-performance and high power light sources to the life sciences market. Whether you are developing a new instrument for protein detection or a system for protecting patients from dangerous infections, Phoseon understands your needs and is the right partner for highly-reliable, efficient and specialized light sources.

Phoseon’s life science solutions provide precisely controlled, long-lasting, and stable light for chromatographydecontaminationdisinfection, and imaging applications. Individual modules can be engineered as either stand-alone systems or as sub-assemblies within existing platforms, providing enhanced performance where precision, yield, throughput, and quality of analysis are critical to success.


KeyView™ UV Detectors

Phoseon’s family of KeyView solid-state detectors are utilized for chromatography and analytical instruments.

KeyView™ Detectors

UV LED Disinfection for Manufacturing

KeyPro™ Light Sources for Disinfection

Phoseon’s KeyPro family of products offer high-irradiance light engines for UV inactivation of biomolecules and microorganisms.

KeyPro™ Light Sources

KeyLight™ Illumination Systems

Phoseon’s family of KeyLight Illumination products deliver high performance imaging for fluorescence microscopy.

KeyLight™ Illumination Systems