KeyPro Explorer


The KeyPro™ Explorer is intended for preliminary evaluation of UVC LED technology for various applications. The KeyPro Explorer is a compact, air-cooled, UVC LED system that is the perfect stepping stone to investigate new applications using UVC light. This UV light source comes ready to go out of the box with a power supply to operate off standard wall power. KeyPro Explorer is a critical device in the toolbox to help scientists conduct directional studies, determining the suitability of UVC light for specific applications, building the specifications for a complete system, and more. Once you use KeyPro Explorer to design your UV system, you will never look back.

UVC LED Frequently Asked Questions

Life Sciences Applications

Potential UVC LED Applications

UVC LED effectively inactivates microorganisms such as Influenza A Virus, C. difficile, A. brasiliensis, RNaseA, and more.

  • Germicidal disinfection of laboratory equipment and surfaces
  • Inactivating viruses for vaccine development
  • Biomolecule inactivation and modification

Life Sciences Research

KeyPro Benefits

  • Small footprint and air cooling make it easy to use
  • Up to 80% power and heat savings compared with mercury based lamps
  • Instant On/Off
  • Mercury-free

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