Specific UV light wavelength-intensity combinations create molecular interactions that result in the synthesis or separation of chemical compounds. From anti-cancer (Hydroxycamptothecin) or anti-malaria (artemisinin) drugs to powerful precursors (carbon tetrachloride), photochemistry has been the ideal mechanism for many chemical compound production systems in pharmaceutical, agricultural, cosmetic, petrochemical, plastics, dyes, and toxic waste disposal applications.

Photochemistry is revolutionizing the industrial chemistry landscape, however, it has long been tied to the limitations of UV mercury lamps. UV LED lamps are the perfect substitute to mercury and solve common shortcomings of the currently used light source.

UV LED Light Sources for Photochemistry

The Benefits of UV LED Lamps in Photochemistry far Surpass those of Mercury

narrow wavelength

Narrow Wavelength Light

With a single (narrow band) wavelength light, UV LED lamps ensure better yields by reducing undesirable products of secondary reactions and reducing raw material production cost.

longer life less replacements icon

Longer Lamp Life & Fewer Replacements

Phoseon’s lamp life tests have surpassed 60,000 hours of LED lamp lifetime, which equates to thirty years of LED on-time for a typical business.


saves power cost icon

Saves Power Costs

With optimizations, such as simplicity of the power supplies, Phoseon LED is able to save costs for customers.



Mercury-free allows for no secondary containment and eliminates the risk of having to clean tanks and production lines in case of lamp breakage.


Consistent Performance Over Life

LEDs give the same results on day 1 through day until end of life. Hg lamps degrade through solarization and mercury condensation from day 1 of operation.

lower skin temperature

Lower Skin Temperature

Less heat added to reaction, less need for secondary containment.

Phoseon’s patented Semiconductor Light Matrix™ (SLM)™ technology encompasses LED arrays, optics, thermal and electrical management to ensure optimal performance. Reliability Engineering is at our core. With over 300 patents worldwide, Phoseon has earned the reputation for innovation, quality and reliability.

We are ready to revolutionize the industrial chemistry landscape with the world’s first and best UV LED system. In addition, Phoseon’s customer support with experts in the field have driven our clients yield up 2-3x.