KeyLight Illumination System


Advancements in LED technology are making it possible to replace traditional lamps with LED light sources as an excitation source for fluorescence microscopy and advanced imaging applications.

Phoseon’s KeyLight™ illumination systems offer OEMs reliable, high-performance imaging for laboratory instruments, automated microscopy instruments, medical device illumination, and high content screening applications.  Phoseon’s patented Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM) technology encapsulates LEDs, arrays, optics, and cooling to maximize performance for advanced imaging applications. These components are engineered into high-intensity solid-state light engines that enable significant process improvements for fluorescence microscopy and advanced imaging applications.

Fluorescence Microscopy Cell Imaging

Fluorescence Microscopy

KeyLight delivers intense, broad-spectrum UV and visible wavelengths for a wide variety of colors between 340nm and 760nm. These compact light sources support 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 channel systems with customizable wavelengths and UV intensity for greater flexibility depending on the application requirements. The product form factor and control options are designed specifically to support each type of OEM instrument.


Solutions for Fluorescence Microscopy


Medical Imaging


  • Live cell imaging
  • Cell culture
  • Thick tissue
  • Tissue autofluorescence
  • Fluorescence

Solutions for Medical Imaging