Current LED systems from Phoseon Technology at LOPEC 2022 in Munich

FireJet™ ONE Light Source

At booth 102, visitors to Phoseon can learn more about UV LED curing in printed electronics

Hillsboro, Oregon (3/7/2022) – Market leader Phoseon will be exhibiting at LOPEC 2022 from March 25-26, 2022 in Munich. Phoseon will spotlight the latest air-cooled LED curing products for use in screen printing, inkjet or painting processes. The air or water-cooled UV and NIR LED systems cover a wide range of applications.


For flat applications, such as in the production of OLEDs and displays, Phoseon is showing the new, scalable, air-cooled UV LED lamp, the FireJet™ FJ801 with touchscreen controller, which can also be used for critical curing processes thanks to its very high level of uniformity. Any number of lamps can be seamlessly connected without affecting continuity.

Measured against its extremely compact design, the new air-cooled FireJet ONE™ has the highest performance currently available for air-cooled lamp on the market for less reactive inks and varnishes, as well as for very fast printing processes. FireJet ONE delivers 20W/cm², in wavelengths from 385nm – 405nm, at 365nm, 12W/cm².


The new, compact and affordable KeyPro™ Explorer UV-C Evaluation Kit allows you to get started with the novel UV-C LED technology. Raw material manufacturers and formulators, in particular, can use it to investigate the expanded possibilities in the area of curing applications and raw material selection that open up with new, very short-wave UV wavelengths. KeyPro is Phoseon’s line of UV-C lamp systems for virus inactivation, decontamination, pathogen research, materials research and development.


LED lamps that emit in the near infrared are new to the market and represent a supplement to established NIR lamp technologies with very low electrical power consumption. With the narrow-band emission spectrum, color components can be addressed specifically, the heat input is significantly minimized. The compact design of LED spotlights the possibility of intermediate drying or pinning. With suitable absorbers, thorough drying of paint, varnish or adhesive systems can be achieved. With the Phoseon FireJet NIR Explorer and the FireEdge™ Explorer the possible applications of the NIR LED technology can be examined.

About Phoseon Technology

Since 2002, Phoseon Technology pioneered the use of LED technology for 생명 과학 and 산업 경화. Through our relentless innovation, we deliver high performance, reliable and patented LED based solutions. Our strong focus on customer collaboration has resulted in world-wide market leadership position and presence. Phoseon is an ISO9001 certified company manufacturing award winning products that are covered by more than 300 patents worldwide. We uniquely focus 100% on LED technology therefore ensuring superior reliability, business economics, and environmental benefits.

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