Preparative (Prep) chromatography purifies sufficient quantities of a substance for further use, rather than analysis. Flash chromatography is a form of prep chromatography with lower pressure and much higher flow rate. Phoseon’s KeyView™ UV detectors integrate well into both preparative chromatography and flash chromatography applications.

KeyView™ Prep and KeyView Flash solid state UV detectors allow users to determine analyte concentrations with high absolute absorption for preparative chromatography. Using solid state technology, KeyView detectors use maximum light intensity to capture a higher dynamic range of high concentration analytes.


Peak Linearity Absorbance Spectrum

Absorbance peak spectrum for maximum linearity range using concentrated squid ink. 220 nm, 255 nm, 265 nm, 275 nm, 285 nm, and 307 nm

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Available Wavelengths

Phoseon’s solid state detectors are used in several important analytical applications, from elemental detection to protein analysis and beyond. Phoseon’s KeyView can be designed for OEMs to cover almost any wavelength of interest from 210 nm to 800 nm. Learn more about available wavelengths for chromatography and spectroscopy.

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