Phoseon Technology Displays LED Solutions for Fluorescence Microscopy, Chromatography, and UVC Disinfection at SLAS 2022

KeyLight, 4CH

Hillsboro, Oregon (January 25, 2022) – Phoseon will showcase the latest LED solutions for fluorescence microscopy, preparative chromatography, and UVC LED disinfection at the upcoming Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) 2022 conference and exhibit in Boston, Massachusetts. Phoseon is the premier provider of LED solutions into the scientific, research and manufacturing markets. By maximizing LED energy across relevant wavelengths, Phoseon provides scientific solutions to a wide-range of applications.

KeyLight™ illumination sources for fluorescence microscopy provide high-performance imaging for laboratory instruments, automated microscopy instruments, medical device illumination and high-content screening applications. Using patented solid-state technology, KeyLight light sources offer intense, broad-spectrum UV and visible wavelengths for a wide variety of colors between 340nm and 760nm. Phoseon’s significant research in LED technology provides customizable wavelength and UV intensity options for greater flexibility depending on the application requirements.

KeyView™ solid state UV detectors for preparative and flash chromatography use maximum light intensity to capture a higher dynamic range of high concentration analytes. Phoseon’s KeyView detectors allow users to consistently quantify and isolate fractions of proteins and biomolecules for pharmaceutical drug discovery research and development. KeyView detectors deliver higher sensitivity and/or dynamic range than deuterium lamps and is 100 times more stable.

KeyPro™ UVC LED disinfection systems inactivate contaminants for laboratory surfaces, equipment, packaging, manufacturing, and food safety. Phoseon’s high intensity UV LED disinfection systems are ideal for a variety of disinfection applications such as RNase inactivation due to their low heat emission, precise control, and long operating life.

SLAS 2022 will be held at the Boston Convention Center in Massachusetts on February 5-9. Stop by Phoseon booth 529 to discover why Phoseon is the premier partner to solve new challenges in life sciences instruments, healthcare and advanced imaging.
Acerca de Phoseon Technology

Acerca de Phoseon Technology
Desde 2002, Phoseon Technology es pionera en el uso de la tecnología LED para las ciencias de la vida y el curado industrial. Gracias a nuestra incesante innovación, ofrecemos soluciones basadas en LED de alto rendimiento, fiables y patentadas. Nuestro fuerte enfoque en la colaboración con el cliente ha dado como resultado una posición de liderazgo y presencia en el mercado mundial. Phoseon es una empresa con certificación ISO9001 que fabrica productos galardonados que están cubiertos por más de 300 patentes en todo el mundo. Nos centramos exclusivamente en la tecnología LED, lo que garantiza una fiabilidad superior, economía empresarial y beneficios medioambientales.

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Marketing Communications Manager
Tecnología Phoseon
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