Innovative FireJet UV LED solution

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Nexus ONE Sustainability

March 2023

  • Embrace Sustainability while Increasing Profits with Phoseon LED Curing Solutions
  • Eticod Embraces Sustainability with Nexus ONE™ UV LED

March 2023 Newsletter

November 2022

  • Phoseon Partners with Taylor to Install Nexus ONE™ UV LED Curing Systems
  • Phoseon Wins FlexoTech Award for Innovation
  • UV LED – The Only Sustainable Choice for UV Curing
  • Phoseon Partners with Vinsak Group in the Middle East to Support Flexographic Printing Installations

November 2022 Newsletter

September 2022

  • Phoseon Technology Expands on Nexus ONE™ Platform for Flexographic Printing
  • Come See the Nexus ONE™ at Labelexpo 2022!
  • Eticod Invests in Nexus ONE™

September 2022 Newsletter

Nexus ONE

June 2022

  • Phoseon Customer Saves More Than 70% on Energy Costs with Nexus ONE™ UV LED Curing
  • Bring Sustainability to Your Press

June 2022 Newsletter

Nexus ONE

March 2022

  • Phoseon’s Nexus ONE™ UV LED Curing Solutions Bring Higher Performance & Profits to Converters
  • The Industry’s First 5-Year Warranty for Full LED Curing System
  • LED is the Only Sustainable Choice for UV Curing

March 2022 Newsletter

Nexus ONE

September 2021

  • Phoseon Introduces Nexus ONE™ Sustainable UV LED Curing Products for Flexographic Printing
  • The Industry’s First 5 Year Warranty for Full LED Curing System
  • LED is the Only Sustainable Choice for UV Curing

September 2021 Newsletter

Cold Foil Printing

May 2021

  • Phoseon UV LED Enables Challenging Applications
  • Phoseon UV LED Curing Brings Improved Opacity for Opaque Whites

May 2021 Newsletter


March 2021

  • LED is the Only Sustainable Choice for UV Curing
  • UV LED Curing Significantly Reduces CO₂ Emissions with 60% Less Electricity for Eticod in Poland

March 2021 Newsletter


December 2020

  • UV LED Curing Brings Operational Cost Savings
  • Eco-Friendly LED Curing Technology

December 2020 Newsletter


September 2020

  • UV LED Curing Brings New Capability for Flexo
  • Upgrade your Press with UV LED Curing

September 2020 Newsletter

June 2020

  • The Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose Phoseon UV LED Curing for Flexographic Printing

June 2020 Newsletter


April 2020

  • Belong Electronics Adopts UV LED Curing Technology for PCB Manufacturing
  • Phoseon Technology UV Products Aid in the Fight Against Pathogens

April 2020 Newsletter


July 2019

  • INDECO Serigrafia Adopts LED curing technology for screen printing
  • Phoseon introduces its most powerful FireLine™ UV LED light array
  • A clean and environmental friendly solution: Understand how UV LED technology works

July 2019 Newsletter


March 2019

  • Are UV LED Systems Created Equally?
  • Learn More About Our 3 year warranty

March 2019

2018 Newsletters

November 2018

November 2018


  • Sopano, Retrofit Case Study
  • Learn More About Our FJ605
  • Technology: UV LED Uniformity and Output Profiles
  • Customer Story:  Systematic Automation

July 2018


  • Phoseon Retrofit Services
  • Central Valley Labels, Retrofit Case Study
  • Video: Phoseon UV LED Retrofit
  • Discover Our New Financing Options

April 2018


  • Desmedt Labels, Retrofit Case Study
  • Application: OLED Display Curing
  • Technology: Irradiance vs Power
  • Phoseon Lighting the Way: FJ100

2017 Newsletters

November 2017


Flexo & Offset Printing

August 2017

Massivit 3D Technology ltd

Massivit 3D
3D printing with UV LED technology

March 2017


Inkjet Printing on Bottle Caps

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Systematic Automation
UV Curing on Cylindrical Products

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Buskro-Inkjet Card Printing Solutions

Inkjet Card Printing Solutions

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Card, Packaging & Personalization

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CET Color
Wide Format UV LED Curing

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Flexographic Printing with UV LED

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Nameplates, Inc. (NPI)
Screen Printing Labels & Decals

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GM Graphix
Flexographic Printing with UV LED

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Architectural coatings

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Product handling and printing

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EPS flatbed printer

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Digital printing of boards

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Decorative glass printing

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A B Graphic International Ltd
Digital Braille printing

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