Nexus ONE on Bobst M5


Air-cooled UV LED light sources have grown in popularity due to their simple design and lower overall system prices (no need for a cooler or chiller; no water maintenance; no risk of condensation). To keep the LEDs operating at maximum efficiency, air-cooled systems use fans to move ambient air across heat-sinks to remove any heat generated by the diodes.

ValidCure technology uses proprietary and patented innovations to provide users the precise and predictable UV output they demand from the market leader. ValidCure technology means reliable UV output, thereby improving yields and profitability.

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ValidCure™ Technology

ValidCure™ confirms the curing power delivered to the substrate, ensuring process compliance and optimum performance.

Smart detection ValidCure continually monitors the curing power coming from the LEDs and detects when there is a fault. If the lamp is not performing as expected, an immediate notification can be sent to minimize down-time and scrap.

Real-time monitoring ValidCure provides in-line LED monitoring without having to shut down production lines. Any outage is communicated electronically in real time.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Customers increasingly require process control via real-time monitoring of UV LED curing lamps. Many of them are running “dark factories” that have no lights and no humans during processing, so 24×7 remote performance monitoring is key.

Even in facilities with human operators, customers want to be notified about curing issues immediately to minimize down-time and scrap. Consistent curing and process control are key.