WhisperCure, by Phoseon


Today’s air-cooled LED light sources have grown in demand and current applications have presented challenges in product sound and physical size constraints. To ensure users have high-performing and reliable products, Phoseon has developed the WhisperCure Technology that provides a quieter solution with high UV output and small form factor. WhisperCure Technology uses proprietary and patented Phoseon innovations to provide a unique, compelling solution. This solution translates directly to higher productivity, thereby improving profitability.

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A Quieter Solution

Air-cooled products can be loud. A fast rotating fan typically equates to increased sound as the fan’s blades must turn at a high speed. WhisperCure Technology provides high power air-cooled lamps at a fraction of the sound level previously required. Operators of those machines will experience a safer environment as the sound will be below designated operating conditions.

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High UV Output, Small Form Factor

Large rotating fans require building a larger form factor product. WhisperCure Technology allowed Phoseon to increase the UV output power while maintaining the same unit size. Machine builders can now build wider, higher-power air-cooled systems that previously required water-cooling, enabling an overall lower-priced solution without the need for additional cooling equipment.

WhisperCure Video