UV Printing Applications

LED Curing Solutions for Digital Inkjet

The FireEdge and FireJet products are air cooled, compact UV LED curing lamps ideal for large and small area curing for digital inkjet printing. The FireEdge products are also well-matched for pinning to “freeze” the ink without fully curing.


Labels & Packaging

UV LED curing technology is ideal for label and narrow web printers.

Solutions for Labels & Packaging


Bottle Printing

UV LED technology is used for digital printing on cylindrical containers.

Solutions for Bottle Printing


3D Printing

UV LED curing can produce fully cured 3D models.

Solutions for 3D Printing


Coding & Marking

UV LED curing offers an easy to use solution with virtually no maintenance.

Solutions for Coding & Marking


Posters & Signage

Learn how UV LED can improve your posters and signage.

Solutions for Posters & Signage