FireFlex LED Systems

The FireFlex™ is designed as a high-power water-cooled UV LED curing lamp. It is aimed primarily at high-performance and high-speed single-pass UV inkjet and wide web/conveyor-based UV curing applications. The FireFlex architecture is designed to allow the systems to be scalable in 75mm increments to as much as 2m in length. Its various peak irradiance and total UV power specifications are based on customer and application needs.

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Application Examples:

Card Personalization
DPST (Digital Printing Solutions & Technologies) announced the launch of their new card personalization systems with front and back (duplex) DOD imaging with Phoseon’s FireFlex UV LED curing lamp.

Learn more about Phoseon applications – UV inkjet printing, UV curable coatings & UV curable adhesives.


FireFlex LED lamp range

Emitting Window Sizes:

  • 75x50mm |

Peak Irradiance @ Wavelength:

  • 12W/cm² @ 365nm |
  • 4W/cm² @ 385/395/405nm |
  • 8W/cm² @ 385/395/405nm |
  • 16W/cm² @ 385/395/405nm |

Key Features

  • High dose
  • High irradiance
  • Analog control
  • Area curing applications