UV LED curing technology is ideally suited for electronic assembly applications. The unique combination of high-energy UV LED sources with the appropriate adhesive provides increased productivity, while also providing the ability to cure heat sensitive materials. Many electronic product manufacturers are already reaping the benefits of using UV LED curing to improve their manufacturing processes. Touch screens, mobile phones, micro speakers, and hard disk drives provide just a few examples of commercial applications. Any electronics manufacturer who needs to improve their yield rates should look to UV LED curing.

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Touch panels, mobile devices

Touch Displays

UV LED curing technology for touch panel display manufacturing is an emerging application as it provides consistent stable output, no ‘hot’ spots, and low heat. Asia-Pacific, in particular, has emerged as the largest and the fastest growing regional market for touch panel manufacturing.
Video: Curing of Displays – UV LED process including OLED, main and side cure.


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mobile phone

Mobile Phone

UV LED curing is well suited for mobile phone assembly for camera modules, camera lens, earpiece, microphone and casings. The ability to provide consistent output, even during long-lasting, high-volume jobs—when curing very sensitive products—makes UV LED technology an effective solution in these markets.

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micro speaker

Micro Speakers

Assembly of micro-speakers includes the use of light curable adhesives at multiple points, joining together parts which could be deformed and damaged by excessive heat. LED technology offers low temperature with high UV output in order to meet the challenge of increasing production speeds and improving yields.

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Disk drive

Disk Drives

UV LED technology is a perfect match for adhesive curing disk drive components such as read/write heads and stack heads assembly. UV LED curing offers better reliability, increased productivity and improved yields for these types of applications.