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Phoseon’s proprietary solutions offer an improved converter experience with UV LED technology, UV LED opens the door to new revenue opportunities with the ability to print on heat sensitive and thinner substrates, offering increased profitability for printers and converters. Phoseon solutions offer higher print quality, faster curing speeds, and a more reliable curing process. New revenue streams become available with the unique UV LED technology benefits, in addition to saving energy and eliminating replacement part costs.


Increased Profitability

With the unique benefits of UV LED technology, new revenue streams become available to converters, while also saving energy and eliminating replacement part costs.

Phoseon Advantages to Increase Revenue:

  • Higher yields due to consistent, reliable curing
  • Increased press up-time due to instant on/off technology
  • Low maintenance (no reflectors, shutters or bulbs)
  • Faster throughput
  • Reduce shipping costs with lighter, thinner materials
  • Energy savings of 50% to 80%
  • Save money without the need to stock replacement parts
  • No disposal costs for mercury bulbs
  • Lower operating costs with no external exhaust blowers


Safer Workplace

With UV LED Technology, converters can provide a safer working environment for any employee working with the press, so they are able to work with the system, instead of around it.

Phoseon Advantages that Create a Safer Workplace:

  • No harmful UV-B or UV-C output with narrow range of UV-A
  • Ozone-free
  • Quieter system with no blowers and ozone exhaust fans
  • No moving parts
  • No cool-down time due to low heat
  • Mercury-free and no hazardous material handling and disposal
  • UV LED technology is completely RoHS compliant


Customer Testimonials

Customers who switched to presses using Phoseon UV LED curing solutions have discovered that production times and unproductive downtime are reduced and while saving money on maintenance and energy.

LED solution is EASY to implement and to use:

  • Improve profits
  • Print on more substrates
  • Increase your yields
  • Higher speeds
  • Easy maintenance

Case Studies include:

Central Valley Labels
Sopano UV LED Retrofit
Impresos Graficos the Chihuahua

Customer Testimonial Videos