Flexographic and Narrow Web Printing Overview

For new and retrofit presses

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Flexographic and Narrow Web Printing Overview

For new and retrofit presses

Flexo with Phoseon UV LED Solutions is Easy

Phoseon provides UV LED curing solutions for both new and retrofit narrow web presses. Phoseon’s 100% focus on UV LED solutions offers higher yields and decreased operating costs for increased profitability. Phoseon’s patented LED technologies deliver rugged, high-performance solutions for demanding narrow-web applications. Additionally, Phoseon’s UV LED technology enables ink manufacturers to provide true low-migration solutions for food packaging.

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Phoseon offers UV LED curing solutions for a broad variety of packaging for flexographic and narrow web, enabling high-speed printing on a wide range of materials such as labels, packaging and decorative printing. The intense output, low heat, and reduced energy usage of Phoseon UV LED systems has enabled printers and converters to decrease material and operating costs while providing customers with superior product.

Read the latest Case Studies to see how printers and converters benefit from UV LED curing technology for flexo and narrow web applications.

Flexo Press Flexotech, DEC2017

Integration and Retrofit

Interested in UV LED technology? Try it out first; upgrade 1 or 2 stations to start. Love it? Upgrade all of your presses!
Phoseon makes it easier to retrofit existing press processes with modular UV LED solutions that increase throughput and production uptime.


Improve Converter Experience

Learn more about the benefits of UV LED curing for converters and printers. There are NO limitations in the possibilities with UV LED technology. Look at our customer testimonials.


The Low Migration Process

The consistent, steady output of UV LED technology in conjunction with low migration printing processes makes for an ideal application.

FireJet UV LED curing for Flexo

Increase Press Capabilities

Learn how UV LED curing technology brings new capability and potential for new revenue to your narrow web application.
Learn more about our Financial Services for Retrofit : Retrofit.phoseon.com

UV LED systems are not all created equal. Select your LED curing solution with confidence.