Disinfection for Food Safety

Pathogen reduction for food and beverage processing

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Disinfection for Food Safety

Pathogen reduction for food and beverage processing

UV LED disinfection for food safety offers significant process improvements and new capabilities in many food and beverage processing applications. The image above illustrates disinfection of the belt using UV LED to inactivate pathogens after food has passed through it. The intense UV output offers reduced maintenance, consistent reliable results, and increased manufacturing speeds. UV LED technology improves dramatically year over year, and as a result it is finding its way into broader applications from online chemical stream monitoring to photochemistry to disinfection for food safety.

Phoseon research has proven wavelength selection is essential to getting the most from UV LED disinfection systems. Utilizing both 275nm and 365nm wavelengths provides a synergistic effect allowing even faster, stable reactions. Both nucleotides and proteins can be modified using this light combination. Therefore, both microorganisms and biological material inactivate with the right dose from Phoseon’s high intensity LED light engines. Our systems successfully disinfect sensitive surfaces due to their low heat emission, high intensity, precise control, and long operating life leading to consumer safety for food processing.

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Disinfection for food and beverages

Food Disinfection

UV LEDs can be used for the disinfection of produce surfaces and other food contact and non contact surfaces.

Disinfection for Food Safety

Conveyor Disinfection

UV LED technology is ideally suited for disinfection of conveyor belts to inactivate pathogens after the food has passed through the conveyor.

Food Packaging Disinfection

Food Processing

UV LED technology inactivates pathogens during food and beverage processing, offering faster manufacturing processes.