medical adhesive applications

UV LED technology is ideal for a wide array of medical adhesive applications. Medical device manufacturing/automation equipment includes manufacturing of devices used in measurement equipment for medical tools or parts.

Phoseon’s LED based products minimizes the heat load to the work surface allowing for capability with heat-sensitive applications. The long lifetime, instant on/off control and consistent UV output can improve process variation and control.

UV LED technology has many benefits to medical device adhesives such as low heat, instant on/off capability, long lifetime. This makes a versatile solution for thin film, heat sensitive or any research application.

Phoseon Technology has a variety of products ideal for automotive coating applications like the FireFlex which provides an area cure and can be mounted on a robotic arm due to its compact size. The air-cooled FireEdge family products are ideal for small area curing for touch-ups or adhesives. All of these products utilize Phoseon’s patented SLM technology to provide intense UV output with instant on/off capabilities, while using a fraction of the power required with traditional UV arc lamps. Learn more about Phoseon’s solutions for adhesive curing for medical applications.