Automotive Coating Applications

UV LED provides an excellent curing solution for automotive coating applications. UV provides near-instant curing of functional and decorative coatings. The lightweight materials used in today’s automobiles benefit from the low temperatures enabled by UV LED technology.

The automotive industry utilizes Phoseon’s UV LED curing solutions because they offer the cleanest, coolest operating and most efficient UV curing systems commercially available. Phoseon light sources cure material throughout the production process. This includes forward lighting, tail lenses, interior and exterior trim components, as well as body panels.

Phoseon Technology offers a variety of products ideal for automotive coating applications. For example, the FireFlex provides an area cure that can be mounted on a robotic arm due to its compact size. The air-cooled FireEdge products are ideal for small area curing for touch-ups or adhesives. All of these products utilize Phoseon’s patented SLM technology to provide intense UV output with instant on/off capabilities, UV LED products consume a fraction of the power required with traditional UV arc lamps.

LED-based curing is becoming more widely accepted for industrial coating applications.  The coatings industry continues to challenge and drive the material formulation suppliers with LED wavelength optimized materials.  At the same time, LED curing technology has become more efficient in delivering higher energy to the media, thus driving environmentally clean, energy efficient and compact size units with increased throughput and process flexibility.