UV General Benefits


LED-UV offers some powerful benefits to packaging producers. Here we outline the most important.

LED-UV can help to speed up production, make you more efficient and allow the easy use of a wider range of substrates–even on materials that are difficult to cure.”

Whenever you are looking at new technology, I guess one of the most important questions that arises is ‘what can it do for my business?’. Now, whilst every single business is different in what it needs, UV technology has a number of benefits and features that will be applicable to any company looking for a better production process and more effective use of resources.

There has been lots of buzz about either buying LED-UV enabled presses, or retrofitting those you already have. Whilst this technology has been around for a while, there is an increase in uptake as more companies see the benefits.

In packaging particularly, LED-UV can help to speed up production, make you more efficient and allow the easy use of a wider range of substrates.

So, here we outline the main benefits.


Perhaps the most persuasive benefit is that the technology will save you time and money. This can be anything from savings on resources to energy, from manpower to raw materials. There will be less waste generated too.

You won’t need any extra drying equipment or extra printing units or coaters for barrier seals.


Make ready will be quicker, and up to colour too.

As substrates are dry as soon as they come off the press, there is no waiting before moving into finishing – even on materials that are traditionally difficult to cure.


You will find that you use significantly less power consumption than other drying systems, as the lamps need less energy. You will cut your energy bill.

In most cases, lamps also have a longer life that their counterparts.


Because of the instant drying, you will be able to make use of more complex to work with such as plastic films, foils and metalised papers, many of which you would find difficult to handle on a ‘conventional’ press.

Special effect for shelf stand out are also easier to achieve.


There has been lots of excitement about UV printing for many reasons – one of them being its green benefits.

Certainly, the case for it being green is compelling with not only energy saving, but savings on waste too, so yes it is green, but like everything there could be a downside with some problems with reycyling of substrates.

Yet, if you add up from saving on power and eliminating spray power, from the ability to print alcohol free to VOC  free  inks, there is an environmental plus. There are also no ozone emissions generated – another tick in the green box.


Operators using these technologies report that they have a better environment in which to work. Presses are cleaner and maintenance easier.


Whilst all these benefits are brilliant, the fact that the output from the press is usually superior when it comes to scratch and rub resistance, quality is better, sharper dost, more vibrant colours, all blended with improved productivity are also persuasive features.


There are various systems available, so talking to those in the know is the best way to define what you need. The suppliers have  a deep knowledge of ‘best fit for  business’ and  will be  able to help you find a system that exactly fits the needs of your company and what you produce.

The independent suppliers will be able to explain the benefits of retrofitting onto your existing press too, and are vendor neutral.

They will also be happy to guide you when it comes to inks, plates and the substrates you can use, as you will have to consider these also.

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