Which are Your Narrow Web UV LED Curing Solution Options?


You don’t need to compromise with a hybrid system. Let’s see why.

UV LED technology advancements have provided printers and converters with more choices than ever for narrow-web drying solutions. Understanding the differences can be critical when deciding which system to use. UV LED has many benefits over traditional UV and air-drying system, but there are also ‘hybrid’ systems available, combining traditional UV with LED, which can seem attractive at first. Converters who choose this option tend to do so because of their familiarity with their traditional arc lamps and the ability to “test the waters” of UV LED curing. However, when it comes to having both UV LED and traditional UV curing in the same unit, two is not necessarily better than one. The optimal choice is the proven solution: a 100% LED curing system based on patented innovative technologies that Phoseon’s has been developing for over 17 years.

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