PDR-Separations and Phoseon Technology Join Forces to Develop the Most Advanced HPLC Systems for Preparative Chromatography


Hillsboro, Oregon (June 16, 2020) – PDR-Separations joins forces with Phoseon Technology to offer the most advanced high-performance liquid chromatography systems on the market. The AutoPREP chromatography systems from PDR-Separations using Phoseon’s multi-LED UV detectors offer a high-productivity automated solution for preparative chromatography.

Purification of chemicals is necessary in many industries including pharmaceutical; biotechnology; foods, flavors, fragrances; petrochemicals; etc. Preparative chromatography is a primary technique used for separating the components of complex mixtures and collecting them separately so as to purify. These purified fractions are used as final products, steps in further processing, impurity analysis, etc. Developing efficient methods for separation and purification of material is a bottle-neck at most sites, and this is where systems from PDR Separations using Phoseon’s multi-LED UV detectors are making a big impression.

Phoseon’s multi-LED UV detectors can monitor 220, 255, 265, 275 and 295 nanometers continuously with higher sensitivity and/or dynamic range (4 AU) than detectors using deuterium lamps. PDR-Separations AutoPREP systems use proprietary software to efficiently control systems for unattended operation. Overall productivity is usually 5-10 times that of a competitor’s system.

Combined Offering Includes:

  • Experience, installation, training, and support for method development and purifications
  • AutoPREP software for unattended collection of peaks/fractions at any scale
  • Multi-LED UV detector
    • Monitor up to 6 wavelengths simultaneously
    • Greater than 4 AU linearity
    • No lamps to replace
    • Long life / low power
    • Low drift

About PDR-Separations

PDR-Separations is an instrument manufacturing company focused on support and development services. We develop and manufacture proprietary hardware and software products for method development, analysis, preparative purification, and process control (PAT); especially in HPLC, SFC, CCC, UPLC, CPC, and SMB applications. Products include: Advanced Laser Polarimeter (ALP); Method Development (AutoMDS) and Prep (AutoPREP) software; 10 or 20 bottle Low Pressure Gradient Mixers, 12 or 24 position Column Selectors with heating and cooling; Prep Injector/Collectors; and Composition/Concentration Monitors (CCM) that “look into flowing streams” and plot real-time concentration of chemical components.

CONTACT: Gary Yanik President PDR-Separations gwyanik@pdr-separations.com www.pdr-separations.com

About Phoseon Technology

Since 2002, Phoseon Technology pioneered the use of LED technology for Life Sciences and Industrial Curing. Through our relentless innovation, we deliver high performance, reliable and patented LED based solutions. Our strong focus on customer collaboration has resulted in world-wide market leadership position and presence. Phoseon is an ISO9001 certified company manufacturing award winning products that are covered by more than 300 patents worldwide. We uniquely focus 100% on LED technology therefore ensuring superior reliability, business economics, and environmental benefits.

CONTACT: Stacy Hoge Marketing Communications Manager Phoseon Technology +1 503 439 6446 info@phoseon.com www.phoseon.com