Phoseon Technology Introduces FireEdge™ FE410 LED Curing Systems with Advanced Features


Major technology advances for both full-cure and pinning applications

Hillsboro, Oregon (April 15, 2019) – Phoseon Technology announced today the new FireEdge™ FE410 LED curing product solution with advanced features that delivers up to 50% higher irradiance, power and dose than the original FireEdge FE400. This will help customers who need increased process speed for improved throughput but still prefer the small form factor of the FE400.

With built-in intensity control options, the FireEdge FE410 can be used for both full cure and pinning applications such as inkjet pinning, 3D print and adhesives curing. With the segment control feature, FE410 can help users save energy and achieve more precise UV coverage when needed.

“The new FireEdge FE410 systems offer advanced features and greater flexibility. Customers will have the ability control intensity to a wider range of power levels, control individual segments of the light sources, and scale to any size for easy integration.”

Rui Zhou, Technical Marketing Engineer Phoseon

The new air-cooled product offers customers process stability with Phoseon’s patented TargetCure™ technology that provides users with precise and predictable UV output. Phoseon’s unique scaling feature allows units to be stacked ‘end-to-end’ with contiguous, uniform UV output to fit any application size. The FireEdge FE410 also comes equipped with WhisperCure™ technology that provides a quieter solution with high UV output and small form factor. WhisperCure technology uses proprietary and patented Phoseon innovations to provide a unique, compelling solution. This solution translates directly to higher productivity, thereby improving profitability.

About Phoseon Technology
Since 2002, Phoseon Technology pioneered the use of LED technology for Life Sciences and Industrial Curing. Through our relentless innovation, we deliver high performance, reliable and patented LED based solutions. Our strong focus on customer collaboration has resulted in world-wide market leadership position and presence. Phoseon is an ISO9001 certified company manufacturing award winning products that are covered by more than 300 patents worldwide. We uniquely focus 100% on LED technology therefore ensuring superior reliability, business economics, and environmental benefits.

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