Phoseon Technology Signs American Ultraviolet as Strategic Partner

American Ultraviolet

With 60 years in the UV industry, American Ultraviolet now offers Phoseon as their exclusive LED curing lamp provider

Hillsboro, Oregon (August 16, 2021) – Phoseon Technology partners with American Ultraviolet for the advancement of LED curing in all UV curing markets. With 80 combined years of arc, microwave, and LED experience the collection of knowledge and wide product selection will make upgrading easier than ever. In many cases, LED facilitates a more efficient manufacturing process resulting in increased throughput, more consistent production, and less scrap. All this plus LED contributes to a safer workplace and lower carbon footprint. If you have a UV curing system in place, American Ultraviolet and Phoseon are available to identify and install the right solution. Both companies proudly manufacture in the United States.

About Phoseon Technology

Since 2002, Phoseon Technology pioneered the use of LED technology for Life Sciences and Industrial Curing. Through our relentless innovation, we deliver high performance, reliable and patented LED based solutions. Our strong focus on customer collaboration has resulted in world-wide market leadership position and presence. Phoseon is an ISO9001 certified company manufacturing award winning products that are covered by more than 300 patents worldwide. We uniquely focus 100% on LED technology therefore ensuring superior reliability, business economics, and environmental benefits.

About American Ultraviolet

American Ultraviolet has focused on providing the highest quality ultraviolet equipment at a fair price since 1960. With a full staff of electrical, mechanical and controls engineers and in-house metal fabrication, assembly, and testing, we design and build the UV Curing solutions our customers need whether those solutions are standard products, completely custom integrated systems or somewhere in between. Our experience in all things ultraviolet allows American Ultraviolet to approach system design with an open mind and the knowledge required to provide reliable, long-lasting systems.

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